The Rollout And Passively Deployed Array (RAPDAR™) provides more than 50 kW of power at a power density of more than 250 W/kg.  These total power and power density capabilities meet the needs of future satellite systems, while also providing the ability to package the solar arrays into small volume.  This patented design utilizes the latest advances in photovoltaic and TEMBO® Elastic Memory Composite (EMC) technologies.  A key feature of this design is the use of solar energy to passively deploy the array once the spacecraft is on orbit.


The Rollout And Passively Deployed Array (RAPDAR™) has been developed to provide solar arrays capable of generating greater than 50 kW of total power at power densities greater than 250 W/kg, which are required for future satellites. This innovative, patent-pending design takes advantage of the latest advances in photovoltaic and TEMBO® Elastic Memory Composite (EMC) deployment technologies. A key feature of the design is the use of solar energy to passively actuate the TEMBO® EMC structure and deploy the array.


(Rollout And Passively Deployed ARray) – The combination of TEMBO Elastic Memory Composite (EMC) materials with Thin Film PhotoVoltaic (TFPV) cells creates the potential for revolutionary design of deployable solar arrays. TEMBO EMC materials eliminate the need for highly complex deployment mechanisms, massive launch locks, and deployment control systems, while TFPV arrays enable the use of simple packaging and deployment techniques. Furthermore, the TEMBO EMC is passively deployed using solar energy. With no spacecraft power required, the RAPDAR design breaks down many solar array scaling barriers including total power, specific power, and specific cost of power. Architectural simplicity and solidstate fabrication techniques are anticipated to enable advanced array systems to be built and flight qualified for roughly one-fifth the cost of current crystalline photovoltaic systems.The RADPDAR flight demonstration is a Scientific Experimental Review Board (SERB) listed experiment. The design of this demonstration array recently passed Preliminary Design Review (PDR) by the Air Force. The RAPDAR structure is being considered for other spacecraft systems such as phased array antennas, radiators, and sensors. CTD is always on the alert for other applications of the RAPDAR structure and our TEMBO EMC materials. Come out into the light and see how CTD can make you shine.