Composite Booms and Boom Deployers

Composite booms can be custom fabricated to your parameters from self deploying to mechanically deployed and from 3/8″ diameter to over 8″ diameter and up to 75 feet long. Booms can be made from carbon fiber, Kevlar or glass laminates, metallized for instrumentation, and with or without integrated wiring harnesses.

Slit-Tube and Slit-LockTM Booms can be made in any size, and can be rolled and stored on a deployer hub for exceedingly low storage volume. Slit-LockTM Technology is a CTD patented feature incorporating interlocking teeth along the seam to increase torsional rigidity and bending stiffness.

Deployable Composite Booms

Boom Deployers

When it comes to space structures, low stowed volume and low mass are essential.  CTD’s booms and boom deployers enable tight packaging, for the lowest stowed volume and mass available while delivering reliable deployment performance.  Our composite booms offer many advantages such as high stiffness, low mass, low stowed volume and high thermal stability.  CTD has developed a number of boom and deployer options that can be customized for specific mission requirements.

CubeSat Single Boom

CubeSat Single Boom and Deployer

Single Boom-Small Sat No Caption

Single booms with deployers for CubeSats can fit in a 1/4U space and provide up to 2 meters of deployable boom. Available in Slit-Tube and Slit-Lock configurations.

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CubeSat Quad Boom

CubeSat Quad BoomQuad Boom Small Sat

CTD’s Quad boom deployers are designed to fit into a 1U CubeSat volume with either Slit-Tube or Slit-LockTM configurations. Quad deployers drive all four booms simultaneously,  increasing packaging efficiency and limiting rotational loads on the spacecraft.

Large Sat Single Boom

Single Boom Large Sat

Large Single Booms and Deployers

CTD’s Single Boom Deployers incorporate booms up to 8 inches in diameter with deployed lengths up to 75 feet.

Large Sat Twin Boom

Twin Boom for Large SatellitesPicture1Twin Boom Large Sat

Large, Twin Boom Deployers allow for deployment of larger instrumentation and materials