Benzoxazine Materials and Composites

Benzoxazines are thermosetting polymers that offer several unique characteristics for use in composite materials, including fire resistance, chemical resistance, low moisture uptake in hot/wet environments, high glass transition temperatures, high char yields, and good dielectric performance.  CTD is developing 100% benzoxazine formulations that offer high-temperature performance, and that can be used with either VARTM or prepreg fabrication methods.  Ongoing work at CTD involves the production of wear-resistant bearings, as well as structural composites that take advantage of the unique performance characteristics of these materials.

Toxicity of Smoke from Burning CTD-813L

  Limits in ppm Results
Gases Airbus Boeing CTD-813L Pass/Fail
HCN 150 150 <1 Pass
CO 1,000 3,500 200 Pass
NO/NO2 100 100 50 Pass
SO2/H2S 100 100 <1 Pass
HF 100 200 <1 Pass
HCl 150 500 5 Pass

CTD-858 DMA Graph

The glass transition temperature is unchanged with moisture uptake.

CTD-858 Moisture Uptake

Moisture uptake is below 0.8% after 42 days at 50°C and 98% relative humidity.