TEMBO® Deployable Structures

Deployable composite structures provide spacecraft designers with the ability to package rigid structures into small packages that are deployed once the payload reaches orbit.  CTD has developed and demonstrated several deployable structures for use in spaceflight systems, including solar arrays, antenna reflectors, and components for cubesats and nanosats.

STELOCTM Deployable Composite Booms

CTD’s Stable Tubular Extendible Lock-Out Composite (STELOCTM) booms are lightweight, reliable devices for deploying solar arrays or other payloads on orbit. STELOCTM features CTD’s patent-pending Slit-Lock™ technology to provide improved stiffness and stability in bending and torsion. In addition, the composite approach allows for the design of booms with different lengths and diameters, small stowed volumes, and near zero CTE to meet the needs of various mission requirements.

23 meter long STELOCTM used to deploy solar array

CTD’s deployable composite booms can be fabricated in a wide variety of sizes and provide excellent stiffness and stability in both bending and torsion

CTD’s Slit-LockTM technology enables maximum deployed structural performance.