• Solutions for Harsh Environments

    At CTD, we synthesize composite materials for the most extreme operating environments. Our decades of unmatched expertise delivers mission success across a spectrum of markets where composites provide superior strength, durability, and overcome the demanding thermal effects in cryogenic applications.

    Composite Material Development
  • Reliable Performance

    With CTD’s innovation, you are able to test the limits of engineering capability in markets ranging from space, aerospace, defense / military, fusion energy, cryogenics, medical and next-generation fuel-cells for automotive and commercial transportation applications.

    All-Composite Pressure Vessels
  • Where Failure is Not an Option

    Composite materials will be the backbone of the infrastructure that takes humans to Mars, that enable the discoveries that lead to successful fusion energy, and that delivers modern medical technologies to emerging economies because of the cost-savings and enhanced performance of these solutions over traditional materials.

  • Enabling the Future

    Customers state that CTD products are provocative as they often provide capabilities not previously thought possible, and achieve specifications that lead to leapfrog solutions that enable market leadership.

    Fusion Energy
  • Proven Solutions

    Our experience is your foundation as we continue to push the envelope of material science for the demanding and extreme applications that have to work, no matter what. We will help you get your solution to market quicker through testing capabilities that align with your schedule and milestones.

    Cryogenic Testing
  • Novel Composite Materials

    We look forward to working with you to enable your success, whether in the depths of outer space or in the search for the building blocks of scientific advancement!